Ride the Rockies – 1 1/2 days to go

i just needed to do a second post today. We just made it thru Iowa which brought back many memories. They say the best way to see the country is on a bicycle. After spending the last five hours driving thru Iowa seeing many of the towns I got to know over the last 16 years of doing the RAGBRAI which is a 7 day 500 mile bike ride thru Iowa. Driving in the car you see the terrain, the many colors of green of the various vegetation. You miss so much doing the trip in 5 hours versus 7 days.  You just see the name of the town as you drive thru. You miss talking to that person selling you that slice of pie at the church. You miss the wind in your hair the sun on your face, the energy it takes to peddle up that hill. The smells, you wonder why someone would setup their food tent near the pig farm. You miss the conversation with fellow bikers. The finding of a swimming spot to cool down. The music  from the tuba player to the concerts. 


I am glad the Denver Post figured out that if 12,000 people were crazy enough to ride thru Iowa for 500 miles at the end of July there would be 2,000 crazy people that would ride thru Colorado in June. 



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