Ride the Rockies – Day One

Go Hawks!!!!!!!! Last night I watched the Black Hawks win game 5 and pull ahead in the series. When I walked out of the students center a little before 9pm the beer tent was all packed up and the band was singing its last song. I guess they need to learn to party from Ragbrai. 

Colorado National Monument 

Miles 47 

Time 3:10

Avg 14.7 mph

Feet of Climb 2936

Max Speed 34.2 mph

The weather was perfect today it started out where you could get by without wearing a jacket and it warmed up quickly. The sky was clear and the winds started out light but picked up as a head wind for the last hour of riding. We entered the park a little over 5 miles from the start. The grades picked up to 5% to 8.5% for next 4 mile stretch. I only saw two people walking their bikes. Today’s ride was all about the scenery it was just gorgeous. 

 We made it up to the canyon rim which had an elevation that varied between 6,200 to 6,900 feet and the views of the red rock was awesome. The decent started at mile 18 and ended at mile 29 for a 2,100 foot drop over 11 miles. My top speed was a little more that 34 mph and would have been around 40 if I did not use my brakes. All in all a very nice first day. I am a little worried about tomorrow’s 96 mile ride that has a 6,000 foot climb over 20 miles. I wish I had a couple more days to get use to the 11,000 foot elevation we will have tomorrow. 


 Last rest stop – still no line lol


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