Ride the Rockies – One Day To Go

Yesterday we made our goal of making it 30 miles past Denver which left 210 miles of driving today to get to Grand Junction. The drive was a beautiful drive past many of the ski resorts. There was still a lot of snow and we might see some on the ride. 

  We arrived in Grand Junction before noon and decided to have a picnic lunch and explore Colorado National Monument in the afternoon. The park was gorgeous and should make a nice start to the ride tomorrow. 

  We made it back to Colorado Mesa University to check in for the ride and get setup for riding in the morning. It is a lot smaller and different than the Ragbrai. No lines at the showers, kybos and beer lines. It was nice having music with dinner. Need to run out and get some beer and ice. 




2 thoughts on “Ride the Rockies – One Day To Go

  1. Bill C Tucker

    Enjoy yourself John Great to follow your latest adventure. Looks like you will be ready for Iowa. Looking forward to spending some time for you soon. Ciao’



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