Ride the Rockies – Day Four

30 Mile Rest Day – Gunnison to Crested Butte

Distance 27 miles

Time  1:54

Average 14.2 mph

Feet of Climb 1365

Maximum Speed 30.3 mph

Last night we had some rain, lighting and thunder but we woke up to a chilly 50 degrees crisp morning with lots of sun.  

Gunnison camp area

At 6:15am the bike corral was still 90% full. On previous day’s it would only be 30% full at this time.  

Bike corral at 6:15 still pretty full

We went into town for breakfast and I started riding at 8:25am. It was warming up fast so I rode with my wind jacket off. There was a headwind from the northeast at about 15 mph. I started out riding alone at 13 mph with the headwind. After a few miles a group of eight riders passed me so I latched onto the rear. They were only going one mile an hour faster than me but I was using 30% less energy riding with them. By the time we got to the first rest area there were an additional 8 riders latched on behind me.  

Rest Stop at Mile 10

For the last 17 miles I could not find the right group to ride with they were either to fast or slow. I did ride with a couple from Bolder I met two years ago from the Wisconsin Hill Country PAC Tour ride.  

 For the last 12 miles I saw the snow covered peaks getting closer.  

 Then I saw the camp site with less then 2 hours of riding. Rest days are nice especially after two difficult days.  

 Crested Butte is at 8,900 feet and is the highest town we will be sleeping in. Tomorrow we have a long 102 mile ride and we will drop  down to 7,000 feet in elevation. 



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