Ride the Rockies – Day Three

Black Canyon – Hotchkiss to Gunnison

Distance 79 miles

Time 6:22

Average 12.3 mph

Feet of Climb 6184 feet

Max Speed 33.4 mph

Today I got an earlier start at 6:30am but was still in the middle of the pack. It started to rain on and off for the first 30 mile which was a 4,000 foot climb. Then it cleared up at the top of the climb as we entered the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The views were spectacular when the sun came out which made the climb worth it.  

4000 Foot Climb in the rain


Looking out at the San Juan Mountains


Black Canyon

The next 20 mile along Black Canyon was up and down but primarIly downhill with the Sun out. There was a strong easterly head wind that slowed the maximum decents speeds to 33 mph plus it added to the difficulty of today’s ride. The last 35 miles was along a large reservoir and relativily flat with a strong headwind. Looking forward to a 30 mile rest day tomorrow.  




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