Ride the Rockies – Day After

After the ride we had lunch at the celebration tent in Westcliff which was nice. We then took showers and headed up to north of Denver to spend the night with friends. It was nice seeing some old friends we haven’t seen in a few years and sharing our experiences of the ride with them. It was also nice having a home cooked meal and sleeping in a real bed. After breakfast we headed home on the long 1020 mile drive in the van.  

 We skirted around some rain in Colorado, then it was warm and sunny for the remainder of the drive home.  

 The ride home gave me some time to reflect on the ride. The Denver Post did an excellent job on running the ride. The 465 mile, 7 day ride was difficult with great scenery. I did get to talk with a few riders while riding and at rest areas. Some of the riders said this years ride was more difficult than on other years. This is a good ride for riders that enjoy hills and great scenery. 

We lucked out with weather. We only had a few hours of rain and had one cold morning and several hot afternoons. 

I was a little behind on my biking this year. I only have 1,300 miles in before the ride with my longest being 70 miles. My body did good. I wish I had an extra day at altitude before the Grand Mesa day. It was a little hard breathing for the last 4 miles of that climb. I am also feeling a little beat up by the sun.

My bike did great. I have a Cannondale High Mod EVO with 22 speed Dur-Ace with 34×28 gearing. For the Royal Gorge day I wish I had 34×32 gearing.  I saw a lot of people with flat tires on the ride. I did not have any flats. I am very happy with my Continental GP4000s II 25mm tires. 

 Ride The Rockies is a well organized, difficult, scenic ride that I hope to WIN the lottery for next year. 



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