Ride the Rockies – Day Seven

Hardscrabble Pass –  Canon City to Westcliff 

Distance 47 miles

Time 3:56

Average 12 mph

Feet of Climb 4337 feet

Maximum Speed 34 mph

Maximum Height 9,085 feet

It is amazing how fast the week went this is our last day of riding. I started riding today at 7am. It was clear and pleasant and not cold. It was going to be another warm day. The first 9 miles to the rest stop in Florence was level and I averaged 19 mph.   


 The grades picked up a little to the next rest stop at mile 40 at Wetmore. The grades were 1% to 2% and I was able to stay in my large chain ring and was enjoying the ride.   I was still maintaining a 15.3 mph average. 

 After Wetmore the grades increased to the 3% to 8% range and it got hot. There should have been another rest area in this 16 mile segement. We were lucky the grades for the last two miles lessen and I got the speed up over 10 mph.  Like many places in Colorado the views were awesome.  


The last 12 miles to Westcliff  was great it was many downhill which cooled us all down and put big smile on our faces.   It was great coming into Westcliff with everyone clapping and ringing bells. It was starting to bring a few tears and I knew it was an accomplishment completing the ride.  



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