Lake Michigan Bike Ride

One Week to go!!!!!

In less than one week I am starting a bicycle ride around most of Lake Michigan. My plan is to start from my home in Waukegan, going north past Milwaukee thru Green Bay over to Mackinac then south past Traverse City to Muskegon. I will then take the fast ferry back across the lake to Milwaukee then bicycle home. The bicycle portion of the trip is 800 miles and I am planning on biking 80 miles per day so the trip should take 10 days.
I normally bike about 6,000 miles per year and do several bicycle trips each year. I started thinking of this trip last summer when a friend from RAGBRAI said we should get a group together and ride around Lake Michigan after the RAGBRAI. I was busy in August and blew the ride off.

I retired from my five year babysitting gig with my Grandson Will when he started school. I also got a new bike to replaced my bicycle that was stolen. I was not going to make my 6,000 miles this year unless I found a way to bike an extra 800 miles. The leaf color in northern Wisconsin and Michigan should start to peak next week. My wife Pam said she would drive along in the van like she did for this year’s Ride The Rockies bike trip. So it is set I will ride around most of Lake Michigan starting next week.

The weather for the last several weeks have been awesome in the Chicago area and I should have been finishing my trip instead of starting it in a week. Today the weather has changed. It was rainy with a cold strong wind out of the northeast with the song of the Edmund Fitzgerald playing in my mind.

John Moore


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