Lake Michigan Bike Ride – 6 Days To Go!!!

Starting to pack!!!!

Junk food is my friend and fuel on long distance bike rides. Lots of quick calories keeps me going. Last year despite eating everything I could, I lost 10 lbs riding for 16 days for the 1,700 mile Ridge of the Rockies bike tour. We’ll see if this ride produces the same results. My wife is my rolling 7/11, so I may not lose weight this time around. 

The New Bike!!!!

My Cannondale Synapse is a super bike. It has disc brakes, electronic shifting, carbon fiber wheels and a Brooke leather saddle. However, I have had 2 flats with the race tires that came with the bike. So I am bringing two extra Continental tires in case I get more flats. In the past I have never had a flat with the Continental tires. 

Today’s practice ride was still windy and the long range forecast calls for strong northeast winds so the song of the Edmund Fitzgerald is still playing in my ear. 


1 thought on “Lake Michigan Bike Ride – 6 Days To Go!!!

  1. Bill C Tucker

    I left a message for you recently letting you know to let me know if you want a rider with you across parts of the U.P. I would be willing to ride with you across the area if we can work it into my schedule. Just let me know. If not then enjoy the ride as I know you will.

    Bill Tucker



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