Lake Michigan Bike Ride – 4 Days To Go!!!


I’m not talking about the wind you get from eating beans at a Mexican restaurant. I am talking about a bikers worst nightmare. For the last 4 days there has been a 20+ mph wind out of the northeast. This has been caused by a large blocking high in Canada with a low in the south and hurricane Joaquin off the Alantic coast.  

This morning I got a text from Art one of my biking friends asking if I wanted to bike and I said sure and I told him I was going to start at 9 am and ride up to Racine for a 50 mile ride. He checked the weather and said forget it, there was a 30 mph wind out of the northeast. I needed the practice so I went for the ride.  The headwind slowed my average speed by 3 to 4 miles per hour going up but increased it by that same about on the return trip. On my ride around Lake Michigan a strong headwind can add an extra hour or two each day. 

The good news is the wind speeds should start to drop in a few days since  Joaquin is moving out to sea. The bad news is the long range weather reports are saying I will have head winds for 75% of the time but long range weather reports always change. 

On another subject the leafs are starting to change color down here and up north it should be beautiful. 



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