Lake Michigan Bike Ride – Belgium to Green Bay

Two great days in a row !!!!

Distance 94 miles total miles (192 miles)

Time 6:55 (14:03)

Average 13.6 mph 

Total feet of climb 2054′ (3872′)

Fastest speed 25.4 mph

Map of the trip the orange dots are the stop over towns

Brandy licking the Gatorade bottle

 Today was another beautiful day, the sky was so blue with lots of sun. This time of year you never know what your going to get. Today was a little chiller than yesterday. I started riding at 8:20am and it was 50 degrees. The high only got to 61 but it felt warm with the sun out all day. The only weather complaint I had was the forecast called for a 6 mph headwind and the headwind was 10 to 12 mph.  

thats not a 6mph headwind

 Yesterday’s ride was 2/3 on bike paths where today’s ride was 1/3 bike paths. I like the bike paths when they are paved because there are fewer turns and you can enjoy the ride more.  

    At 11am I was starting to get hungry so I stopped at a bar and had two beers and a steak sandwich. Tomorrow they say we will have rain so I may need to make more bar stops to keep out of the rain. 

A nice place for a break

 This does not smell good. What are they spreading on the fields?


Gravel bike path 20 miles outside of Green Bay


bike path along the water in Green Bay

 I was able to download a video of yesterday’s ride along the Milwaukee Lakefront at

Two great biking days in a row in October – WOW!!



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