Lake Michigan Bike Trip – Green Bay to Cedar River

A Rain Day

Distance 27 miles (219 miles)Biking Milage

Time 1:44 (15:47)

Average 15.2mph (13.9mph)

Feet of climb 210′ (4092′) 

It started raining at 9am today

I was hoping the rain would quit by 11am so I could get the ride in with just riding thru some light rain but it wasn’t met to be. It was still raining hard so I put the bike in the car and we drove to the second town Oconto at the 23 mile point of today’s 76 mile ride.  

Bike in the car for first 23 miles to miss some rain

It was still raining but it did slow down. The roads were nice low volume roads for the first 50 miles until Menominee where I started to ride on a busy four lane road.  


a very nice newly paved road, i wish it were dry


Some wild turkeys and its getting close to Thanksgiving

 After Menominee on Route 35 the traffic was still bad and I was riding on a wide shoulder with cars and trucks spraying me with water as they zoomed by. I saw Pam parked on the side of the road so I baled for the last 26 miles. 


for the last 7 miles the shoulder narrowed

To miss some rain I rode in the car for 49 miles today. I am at that point in life where I’m fine with that choice. I heard the weather will be improving.  The following is the GoPro link from yesterday



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