Lake Michigan Bike Trip – Day 4 Cedar River to Manistique

Back to sunshine and another great day biking in October

Distance 84 miles (303)

Time 5:29 (21:16)

Average 15.4 mph 

Feet of Climb 1030′ (5,122′)

Maximum Speed 25.8 mph

  It is great to still be biking in October. What a chilly but pretty day. Today was our coldest day starting at 45 degrees but warming up to about 60 degrees. I had the right cloths so the colder weather was fine. I had a 10 mph headwind for the first half of the day but then I turned to the east and that headwind turned to a cross wind that finally got my average speed above 15 mph.  
I rode along Rte 35 and Rte 2 for most of the day. These were highways with large shoulders. I miss the smaller rural roads from a few days ago. Some of today’s ride was right along the lake which made for gorgeous views.  



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