Lake Michigan Bike Trip – Day 5 – Manistique to Mackinac 

Soaring on the tailwinds

Distance 84 miles (387)

Time 5:03

Feet of climb 1499′ (6621′)

Maximum speed 35.1 mph


Starting a little later today at 8:50am

Today the temperatures were a little warmer starting at 54 degrees and going up to 61 degrees. It was pretty clear starting out but clouded up after a few hours.  
 The big difference for today is I had a tailwind for most of the day. The wind was coming from the Southwest at 12 to 20 mph and I was going east for the first 50 miles then southeast for the last 35 miles.  

tailwinds are nice

 I made my first rest stop at the halfway town of Naubinway at mile 43. My average at that point was 18.1 mph and I didn’t want to stop. I stayed on the same road Rte 2 for the whole day. It had a wide 8′ shoulder which was needed because there was a car passing me about every minute.  

 For the last half of the ride there were numerous times where i would be right next to Lake Michigan with its large waves.  
 I have some neat GoPro videos of this but my internet connection was not good so the YouTube link will need to wait. 

The tailwind turned into a cross wind and a headwind that dropped my average speed to 16.7 mph for the day. 


the cabins of Mackinac

Tomorrow will be warmer with a headwind but the tunnels of trees should be fabulous. John 


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