Lake Michigan Bike Trip – Day 6 – Mackinac to Charlevoix

It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Distance 71 miles (485 miles)

Time 5:51

Average 13.2 mph

Feet of climb 2441′ (9062′)

Maximum speed 33.6 mph (35.1 mph)

bike path leaving Mackinac

Today the weather was perfect. It was one of those warm, clear fall day. There was a 14 mph headwind but the headwind just meant I had more time to enjoy the ride. The route was perfect also. It started out with a nice bike path leaving Mackinac then it went to my favorite small paved low volume roads with great scenery.

   I then rode through the famous 20 miles long tunnel of trees (M119) which was beautiful.

Tunnel of trees

The link for my YouTube video going thru the Tunnel is

I had a beer and a burger at a quaint restaurant in Harbor Spring.
 Then the last 25 miles were on a great bike path going to Charlevoix.



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