Lake Michigan Bike Trip – Day 7 – Charlevoir to Empire

A nice trip but calling it two days early!!!

Distance 27 miles (486 miles) 

Time :27 (34:09)

Average 10.6 mph (14.2 mph)

Feet of climb 856′ (9918′)

Maximum speed 22 mph (35.1 mph)

 Today was the warmest day so far. It started out at 63 degrees and ended up in the upper 60’s. The wind was the real issue with weather today. The wind was out of the southwest at 20 mph. This strong headwind slowed my average down to 10.6 mph. I have never had an average that low. There was no place to hide from the wind. The route was along a busy highway.  

20 mph headwind

 Unlike yesterday my mind could not tell my body to forget about the headwind because I was not enjoying the ride. The route I picked for today was along two busy highways. The shoulders were narrow and the traffic was busy and fast. Below is a photo showing the start of a 5 mile section that is off of these busy highways but it was a gravel road so I had to stick to the highway. Just not my day for biking. My YouTube link is  

 When my wife passed me at mile 27, I decided to call it quits for the day. When we got to Empire the end town I decided to call off the last 2 days and we made it home by 8pm. 

Overall the trip was very enjoyable and it was great to get an extra 500 miles of biking in during the month of October. Yesterday was one of my best days biking ever. Things can change and you need to be flexible. 

Thanks for reading my blog. 

John Moore




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