Ride the Rockies 2016 – 2 days to go

We started driving to Colorado today at 5:30am . We got off to a good start by just missing the Chicago rush hour. We hope to make a little pass Denver by 9pm tonight. Sleeping tonight at 6,000 feet elevation will help with the large climbs. Like always Brandy enjoys the trip. 

Driving  thru Iowa now. Ragbrai will start in 43 days and thinking about all the people, music, fun and Beer I have had over the last 17 years on Ragbrai. You can page down to last year’s RtR 1 1/2 day post to read more on my thoughts on riding a bicycle on Ragbrai. 

Thinking ahead to this RtR ride I feel I am in shape for the ride. I biked 6,200 miles last year  and 1000 miles ahead of last year at this time with about 2,300 miles. Last year’s ride had two 100 miles day where this year we have two 85 mile days as our longest days. This year’s ride has more time above 12,000 feet which could be a problem but I am not worried about it. I am a little worried about a knocking noise that I have in the bottom bracket that I may need to get fixed. 



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