Ride the Rockies 2016 – Day 1

Our camp spot was at the high school in Carbondale. Day one was a good start to the week of riding. I met up with Kim from Ragbrai. 

We started riding a little before 8am with 8 miles of slight downhill along a nice bike path. Then we left the bike path and started our climb for the day on a small road with little car traffic toward Aspen. Over the next 14 miles we had some steep climbs reaching over 12% grades. By the rest stop at mile 22 we had 1/2 of our climb for the day completed. We got a little rest with a 3 mile long downhill where I reached speeds of 37 mph. 

The weather started a little chilly at 56 degrees but it warmed up quickly. It was sunny for most of the day with a light shower for the last  2 miles. 

There were 4 rest stop and the third one had a Dj giving out tee shirts. Like in the picture below the first person to break an egg over someone’s head got a tee shirt. Kim passed on that challenge. 

Tomorrow will be a difficult day with 85 miles and almost 8,000 feet of climb. They are saying there is a 70% chance of rain with the rain starting before noon. 



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