Ride the Rockies – Day 6

A Hurricane at over 12,000 feet

Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain national Park is one of the epic bicycle rides in Colorado. It was nice that they included in this year’s ride the Rockies. The temperatures starting in the mid 40s and warmed up quickly and it was quite a pleasant day to start. By the first rest area I was taking off my wind jacket. 

All the bicyclist had to enter the park by 8 AM because they were blocking off traffic for a few hours to make it more pleasant for the bicyclists. 

For most of the climb grades were between 3 to 7% near the top grades increased up to 10%. They also just cleared the snow and opened the park two weeks ago. 

When we made the rest area near the top that’s where the hurricane force winds started. 

Here is a video at the rest stop at the top. ​

​Kim was tempted to sag because of the wind but we continued on and the wind got stronger and we walked about a 1/2 mile section not because of the steepness but because there must have been winds over 50 mph. But it was pretty on top if you could manage to look out. 

We warmed up on the way down after we dropped 1500 feet in elevation. I should have some GoPro footage of the decent that I will attach a link after I get home and produce a YouTube video. 


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