Ride the Rockies 2016 – Day After Reflections

This year’s ride included three epic Colorado rides including Independent pass, the Copper triangle, and Rocky Mountain national Park on Trail Ridge Road. 
Wow 4 days above 8,000 feet with 2 hours above 12,000 feet. 

This was another awesome year for RtR. This is my second year of doing it. I also rode the ride last year. This year we saw a lot more snow. 

First I’d like to thank the Denver Post and others for organizing and implementing this ride they did a great job. I want to also thank my wife Pam for being my support driver. It was also fun to have one of my Ragbrai friends Kim coming along for her first Ride the Rockies. My wife and I were also thankful when Kim and her husband shared their spare sleeper couch at their town home when we were at Copper Mountain for two days when the temperatures were below freezing at night. 

This year’s ride was very scenic with lots of wild life and  I am taking about the animal type. Despite its shorter length it was challenging. The weather was great we only got rained on for 5 minutes on the first day. It was a little cold up in the mountains but we were able to dress for that. We did not have the very hot days like we had a few last year. I did not get sunburned like last year but the lips were very chapped. My older body did quite good and one advantage of needing to get up and pee at night was the stars and milkyway were so bright and clear. 

We also got to see some old friend that live near Denver. We are still driving back home to Waukegan Illinois and hope to be home by midnight. 

Thanks for looking at my blog on Ride the Rockies. Please check back in a week I will add a few more pictures and links for GoPro videos. 



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