Ride the Rockies 2017 – 2 1/2 Days to go

Welcome to my Blog on this year’s Ride the Rockies bicycle ride. This is my 3rd year which I feel lucky to be going on. This year’s ride takes place in the southwest quarter of the state and I have attached a map and profile of the ride which is from Ride the Rockies web site which you may visit to learn more of the ride. 

I am almost all packed and hope to load up the van yet tonight and start driving at 5:30am tomorrow morning to miss the Chicago rush hour. By tomorrow night we hope to get close to the starting town of Alamosa, Colorado. On Saturday we will get to Alamosa and pickup the biking package and get ready for riding on early Sunday morning. 

I thought this year’s ride was going to be easy because there are no days over 100 miles or climbs over 8,000 feet and the max elevation is just a little over 11,000 feet. When I looked at the weather forecast for the first day they say we will have a headwind all day at 10 to 20 mph. The distance is our longest day of 93 miles. We also have a little over 4,000 feet of climb starting at 7,200 feet and going up to just short of 11,000 for Wolf Pass. I am also fighting a cold so this first day will be challenging.

Please check back on a daily basis since I will try to post each day. 

Thanks for reading,

John Moore


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