Ride the Rockies 2017 – 2 Days to go

We started driving a half hour late at 6am. We caught a little of the Chicago rush hour. The traffic was heavy but was moving right along. The hope was to drive 1100 miles of the 1200 miles to near Alamosa, Colorado. Attached is a photo of my loaded up van. 

It’s a little after 3pm and we have gone 620 mile so far today and are around 100 miles into Nebraska. It’s a long drive to Colorado. 

For my biking friends who are biking Ragbrai I have attached a photo below showing that Iowa is not flat. 

This year’s bike ride starts and ends within 70 miles of each other and I was going to do the ride without a support driver (my wife Pam). For the last two years my wife and dog Brandy were my private support crew. Pam said she would be my support driver if we leave Brandy with friends. Brandy is our yellow Lab and 12 years old and is having trouble jumping into the van. It is nice that Pam came along but strange not having Brandy in the van. After we arrive in Alamosa tomorrow I will try to do my next post. 

John Moore


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