Ride the Rockies 2017 – 1 Day to go

Yesterday we drove from Waukegan, Illinois to Walsenburg, Colorado. We switched on and off driving. I would drive for 3 or 4 hours and Pam would drive for a hour or two and we got in at 11pm. This was one of my longest single day car drives at 1175 miles. Walsenburg was at elevation 6,500 feet above sea level so this should get me ready for biking up to 11,000 feet on Sunday. The picture above is Spanish Peaks which we can see from our hotel room.  

This morning we drove the remaining 75 miles to Alamosa for the start of the ride.    Alamosa is at elevation 7,300. They placed us at the recreational center on the south edge of town. The temps are in the low 80’s and it is windy and dusty. 

Ride the Rockies is a week long bicycle ride that averages about 70 miles a day with a little less than 5,000 feet of climb a day.  They modeled the ride after the oldest and largest week long bike ride the RAGBRAI. They figured if the DesMoines Registrier could get 12,000 crazy people to ride their bicycle across Iowa at the end of hot July the Denver Post should be able to get 2,000 people to ride across beautiful Colorado in June. 

Last year I rode the ride with one of my Ragbrai friends Kim. When we met up in the start town she said this is going to be a fun ride. I said it will be beautiful, picture card like and challenging and never said anything about it being fun. I think I scared her a little but she did good on the ride. Because this ride is early in the season it is difficult to get the proper amount of miles in before this ride. I have about 2,500 miles in so far and should be fine. 


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