Ride the Rockies 2017 – Day 1 Wolf Cheek Pass

Today’s ride is 93 miles with an expected 10 to 20mph headwind. I wanted to get a early start at 6am to beat some of the headwind. That didn’t happen I started at 7am near the back of the pack. I didn’t wear my jacket or arm warmers disputed the temps being a little below 50. I figured I would ride hard to keep warm. I made the first rest area at mile 20 by 8am so I was doing good. The winds were light and were not a problem yet. 

I arrived at the second rest area in Del Norte at 8:45 and my avg. speed dropped to 18.5mph. There were a few miles with strong headwinds in this sections. I rode in a pace line for about 5 miles which helped my average. 

Del Norte Rest Stop Mile 20

For my Ragbrai riders I wanted to show the short lines for the  kybo. 

The head winds started to blow for the next section. My average speed dropped to 17.5mph when I reached the Rest Stop at mile 49. When I left the rest area the headwinds really started to blow. 

The next rest area was at mile 61 part way up the mountain my average dropped to 15.5 which I thought with the headwinds was still pretty good.  They were passing out free stuff potato and I was eating plenty on this ride. 

The climb got steeper and with headwind I was down to 5mph at times for the last 7 miles to the pass. The snow was on the ground starting at elevation 10,000 feet. It was pretty but not fun. I also got a flat tire 3 miles before the summit. 

Summit Rest Stop at mile 68

Wolf Creek Pass Sign

The last 23 mile decent was mainly downhill into Pagosa Springs. The headwind picked up to probably 30 mph which made going down the mountain difficult it blew the bike all around. I was surprised how hard I needed to pedal for the last 12 miles still going downhill to get into town. It was a punishing ride and glad it’s over. 


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