Ride the Rockies 2017- Day 2 Free Beer

It was 40 degrees at the start. Some people said they saw frost next to their tent when they woke up. Today is a shorter day at 68 miles. The big decision was to wait for it to warm up or do an early start to miss the headwinds later in the day. I started near the middle of the pack at 6:50am. 

Today I started riding with arm and leg warmers with a light wind jacket it was about right. On the climb out of town a guy was passing out cans of beer and I took one. I learned from Ragbrai you never pass on free beer. The total climb is the same as yesterday 4,000 but it is spread out. At the first rest area at mile thirteen I drank that free beer and I knew today was going to be a better day. 

After the first rest area it continued to go downhill to mile 23 where I took off my cold weather gear and started to do the 7 mile climb up to Yellowjacket Pass. 

Chimney rock

The climb up to the Pass was easy compared to yesterday. There was a DJ there and I won my first tee shirt by breaking an egg over my head along with 3 other people. I asked one of the women if she needed help getting the egg shells out of her hair. I poured a water bottle over her head to get most of it out. She said I can tell people I gave a woman a shower on RtR. 

On the downhill at mile 34 there were emergency people attending to someone that crashed on the downhill.  At the rest stop at mile 43 I was in my first real line waiting for a taco. 

Food line at Bayfield Rest Stop

At mile 50 we hit another 2 mile uphill. I saw grades of 9% on my gps. I was glad it wasn’t any longer. Then we started the 16 mile downhill into town. At mile 56 was our last Rest Stop. The wind started to pick up like yesterday that made what should have been an easy ride into town more difficult. 

Today was an awesome ride. I arrived at the High School in Durango at 1:30. After I took my shower we headed into town to the historic district and ended up at the Blue Diamond Belle Saloon in the Strater Hotel. 

Love the engraving on the beam supporting the balcony: 

“Work is the curse of the drinking class”

John Moore


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