Ride the Rockies 2017 – Day 3

Today we have a 39 mile 2,500 feet of climb rest day which is nice. Tomorrow on paper will be our most difficult day with 84 miles and 7,800 feet of climb with 3 passes at 10,640′, 10,910′ and 11,018 feet. 

This morning we drove into town and had breakfast. When we were returning at 7:30 it was 41 degrees at the river and 46 degrees at the high school at a higher elevation. When I started riding at 8am it was 48 degrees. I elected to wear just my light weight wind jacket which worked out great. I would guess I left near the middle of the pack again. 

Today’s ride started with a short downhill then an eleven mile 1700′ climb out of town. 

The first rest area was at mile 12. 

We then turned on a smaller road that went mainly downhill to the next rest area at mile 27.  It was starting to get scenic. 

Rest Area 2 at mile 27

We pasted a pretty mountain lake on the way down from rest area 2. While passing this lake I got up to 41mph on the downhill. The bike started shaking violently. I thought I might go down. It took me what seamed like a minute but was probably 15 seconds for me to get the bike down to below 35mph when it stopped shaking. The bike also shook last year on the RtR ride when I went above 45mph but was able to get it to stop shaking after a few seconds. I will need to find the cause. 

The ride back to the high school was pretty. 

After we biked thru the mountains we rode several miles thru town passing a few pretty churches and many nice homes. I got in at 11:30 and another nice ride on RtR. 

John Moote


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