Ride the Rockies 2017- Day 5

With 283 miles completed and 183 miles left to go it’s nice that we are having a 52 mile rest day today. Some of the riders are doing the shorter 33 mile route but I am doing the 52 mile option today. 

Pam and I started the day by going into town and having breakfast at Kate’s Place which was good. Since this was a short day there was no need to start early so I waited for the temps to get above 50 and started riding at 9am. We rode along the same Rte 550 which was that busy 2 lane road we were riding on yesterday. I reached the 1st Aid Station at mile 20 at 10am and was averaging 20mph despite a 5mph headwind.

I then did the optional 20 mile out and back to Government Springs. This was about a 2000′ climb in 10 miles. I saw a short section at 10% grade on my gps but most of the climb was around 4%. I was hoping the views would have been better at the top to serve as a reward for doing this extra climb. 

The last 10 miles we got off the busy highway and went on rural local roads around Montrose which was nice. We passed a golf course and I only saw one person playing golf. 

Montrose is at elevation 5,900′, just a ittle over 1000′ lower than Ridgway and it’s hot today.  After the ride I went into town to listen to the concert then watch the sunset. 

John Moore


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