Ride the Rockies 2017 – Day 6

Pam kicked me out of the van at 5:30am today so she can drive on the bike route before the riders to save a few hours of driving around. I had a wonderful home made sweetroll and an egg sandwich at the school. I got my bike at 6 and around 25% of the bikes were gone. The first 14 miles to the first Aid Station only had 2000 feet of climb but it was one of my most difficult sections because of a surprised head winds over 10mph. I did manage to draft for 8 miles and my average was still only 9.3 mph. 

Aid Station 1

I am trying something new I am posting as I am riding. Now I’am at the second Aid Station at mile 27. I am enjoying the ride a lot more the wind died down. I climb an additional 1,600 feet to this Aid Station and my average increased to 10.2mph. All smiles. 

Aid Station 2

Made the top of blue mesa summit at elevation 8631 feet and mile 28.3 now a downhill. 

At the 3rd Aid Station at mile 40 my average speed increased to 11.2 mph. This was a beautiful section going thru Black Canyon and dropping down to Blue Mesa Reservoir.

I am now at Aid Station 4 at mile 53. My average speed has increased another mile an hour to 12.2 mph. I almost didn’t want to stop at the Aid Station because we have a tailwind and gliding along at 20 mph. It is a pretty ride along the reservoir. It is very dry out and starting to get hot. 

The tailwind helped raise my average to 13.2nph. It’s nice having a tailwind for a change.

We then went into town and ate at the Ol Miner Steakhouse.  

John Moore


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