Ride the Rockies 2017 – Day 7 Monarch Pass

I started riding at 6:10am today and am hoping to get in early. I started riding with a guy from Colorado we were doing a slow pace threw town. He said we was hurting for that windy first section yesterday and wished he had someone to pace with. After we got out of town we opened it up and were riding 20mph. We took 2 mile turns pacing each other. It was a great first 16 mile section we averaged just over 19 mph. 

The next section I rode alone at a slower pace to get ready for the 3,000 foot climb to the top of Monarch Pass.  My average to the second aid Station was a little over 16 mph. 

Aid Station #3

The main attraction of the day was climbing the 3,000 feet over Monarch Pass. Monarch Pass is at elevation 11,312′ and is the highest elevation of the week. For being a last day ride it was pretty difficult but everyone seamed to be doing good getting over the Pass and the views were great. I think I was getting stronger at climbing because my speeds seamed to be 1mph faster for the same grades as I was doing earlier in the week. 

The 3rd Aid Station was 2/3 of the way up the Pass which made for a nice break. 

Aid Station #3

Almost up to Monarch Pass

Last Aid Station #4

Looking back at Monarch Pass

The fast ride down from Monarch Pass to Salida was one of highlights of the day and did I say there was a strong tailwind. 
Thanks for viewing. 

John Moore


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