Bicycling Across America – 1 Day to Go

I am at O’Hare waiting for my flight to San Diego writing today’s blog. All my gear and stuff just about fit in my bag and it weighed 34 pounds. I have attached a nice map showing all the statistics for the ride.  Speaking of statistics I listed how this ride across America (RAM) compares to the Tour de France(TDF). 

  • The TDF is 23 days with 2 rest days and RAM is 27 days with no rest days. 
  • The TDF is 2,280 miles or 99 miles per day and RAM  is 2902 miles or 108 miles per day. 
  • The TDF has 69,307′ of elevation gain or 3,013′ per day and the RAM has 102,200′ of elevation gain or 3,785′ per day.
  • The TDF had a max daily distance of 138 miles and RAM has 156 miles. 
  • The TDF has a max day climb of 13,780′ where the RAM has 8,600′. 
  • The TDF had a max temperature of 90 degrees and RAM is expecting a max temperature of 108 degrees. 
  • The TDF had an average speed of 25.5mph where I am hoping for 16mph. 

I hope you enjoyed these stats. I am hoping for smooths roads and lots of tailwinds. 

I made it to the hotel at 1pm and did a 6 mile bike ride to the beach. 

They had a riders meeting at 3:30 to explain  what the procedure will be for the ride. They try to make it like Groundhog Day where you do the same thing over and over again. 

They explained that you need to look at the white board each day to know what is going on. 

Check back tomorrow I hope to post lots of pictures of tomorrow’s ride. 


3 thoughts on “Bicycling Across America – 1 Day to Go

  1. Peg & Ray Witaske

    This is so amazing! We are super-excited to follow in your adventure! Wondering if Irma will be a problem later in Georgia….be safe & take it all in…we live in a beautiful country! Love, Peg & Ray


  2. Matt Madden

    I am absolutely impressed at even attempting to accomplish RAM! I am looking foward to watching your blog and seeing pictures. I hope all goes well on your ride. Matt



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