Bicycling Across America 2017 – 2 Days to go

The first question I get is: Are you crazy? I normally don’t answer that question. The second question is from where to where? I tell them I am going from San Diego to Tyber Island near Savanna Georgia. They normally say wow and ask how long and how do I do such a long ride. I tell them It’s 27 days and 2,902 mile which is 108 miles a day. I tell them it just takes training and I am an engineer and I figured I needed to accomplish three things to make the ride relatively easy. They were to do 5,000 training miles before the ride, I did 6,000 miles. The second was to do a century ride faster than 18 miles an hour. I averaged 18.6 mph on the Udder 100. The 3rd item was to ride over 175 miles in a day. I did the 177 mile with 8,000 feet of climb RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) ride two weeks ago. So the ride should be relatively easy. The next question is am I doing the ride to raise money for a charity or doing this as a bucket list item. I tell them that I love living life and this is a fun journey.

Well here I am packing.  Will all that gear fit in that little bag and weigh less than 40 pounds? The  bike is already out there and I will fly into San Diego tomorrow Saturday morning and start riding on Sunday Morning.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you can join me on my Journey Across America.


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