Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 2 – Down hill into the hot Desert

Yesterday must not have been too bad my legs didn’t cramp up over night. Yesterday I decided to do a YouTube video of the trip like I did three years ago on Ridge of the Rockies tour     and . I am looking for people to help with interviews at the end of the ride each day. 

Today should be one of the easier days on the journey it’s mainly downhill and we have an 8am start. We will have our first day of heat going down to the desert. 

The first 40 miles was mainly downhill where we dropped 3,000 feet on curvy roads. 

I rode with my roommate Wes for a few mile before the first rest area. 

It still wasn’t too hot at the first rest area but I added lots of ice to my water bottles. 

By the second rest area it was hot and I filled a sock up with ice to drape over my shoulders. It helped a lot and kept me cool for 40 minutes. 

We continued downhill at a slower rate for the remaining of the ride there was a headwind and it was hot.  The pavement was rough for the last 20 miles. I made it ok but was surprised how many of the people were effected by the heat. 

Karen with her matching ice socks

Two Days Completed

Here is an interview from today’s ride with Wes, Karen and Broh

Thanks for watching my Blog

John Moore



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