Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 3 – A day in the hot desert

Today we started riding earlier at 6:30am. El Centro is as flat as a pancake with a starting elevation of minus 5 feet. With the early start we got about half the ride in before it got hot ( above 100 degrees). 

The first rest area was at mile 29. I asked Susan if it was too early to start with the sock ice over the shoulder and she said I should go ahead with the ice. I was glad I did because I picked up a thorn in my tire leaving the rest stop. The ice kept me cool when I was changing the tire a block past the rest stop and I was still in a good mood. That was my second flat on the trip. I told my group I would catch them before the lunch Stop which I did. 

Sand Dunes

Coming into Blythe it was 107 degrees. Our daily average speed was 16.1mph the same as yesterday.  Despite the longer distance everyone was feeling better than yesterday. We got to the hotel 20 minutes early so we stopped for ice cream again. 

He is Ken’s comment on today’s ride. 

Tomorrow is 13 miles further with twice the climb but the max temperatures is predicted to be cooler at 99 degrees. 


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