Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 4

Day 4 from Blythe California to Wickenburg  Arizona had about twice the climb as yesterday and was 13 miles longer but it seamed easier than the last two days. The temperatures were a little cooler which helped a lot. I think we are working ourself into better shape also. We started at 6:20am and watched the sun come up. 

We crossed into Arizona after 5 miles. 

Cactus started showing up as we started to gain a little elevation. 

We had a nice downhill into Wickenburg. Our average speed was a little faster than yesterday at 16.4 mph. We ended up getting in a little after 3pm and had ice cream at the end of the ride for three days in a row. On my last PAC Tour I lost 10lbs, I hope I don’t gain 10lbs on this trip. 

Stig from Norway gave today’s interview on the ride. 



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