Bicyling Across America 2017 – Day 8 – The longest day

Today is our longest day at 155 miles. We averaged 16.6mph with 4500 feet of climb. Today’s ride was easier than yesterday’s ride. 

We started the day with a breakfast in the lobby and was on the bike riding a few minutes after 6am with the sun coming up. 

We ended up crossing into the new state of New Mexico at mile 14 today. 

We did not have any pie in Pie Town but stopped to take a picture of the Contential Divide. 

There was about 50 large Radio satellite dishes.  I am not sure what they are used for. 

It looks like a few rain clouds ahead of us. I heard a few people got rained on.  There was around 14 miles of bad headwind near the last sag Stop then the road turned left and turned into a beautiful downhill into Sorocco. 

Jonathan from Australia  comments on today’s ride.  



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