Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 11

Today’s ride from Roswell to Clovis was 109 miles with 1863 feet of climb. My average speed for the day was pretty high at 17.7 mph. The wind was favorable for most of the day. 

Today’s route was not as nice as yesterday’s that was mostly on low volume rural roads. Today’s route was on Route 70 Interstate for most of the day. Even thou we were on the Intersate it was still an enjoyable ride since we were on bicycles. They say ” The best way to see the Country is on a bicycle”. 

In a car today’s ride would take about 90 minutes and you would probably not notice much between the two towns. On the bicycle it took a little over 6 hours and I remember a lot. I noticed the Peco River actually had some water flowing in it. I also noticed may of the small homes along the route.   I would notice the junk they had in their yard, if they had a garden and if their dog would bark at us as we  rode by. I also noticed a lot of road kill and car parts on the shoulder. At the beginning there had to be a dead rabbit every mile or two. I also saw a dead buzzer and two deers.  There was also a dead snake not sure what type it was.  So today’s ride was enjoyable even on the interstate. Look at the map of the USA below we are almost in Texas. 

The Ice Cream Gang enjoying 1/2 price milk shakes after the ride at Sonic. 

Below is Ian from Florida comments on today’s ride. ​



2 thoughts on “Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 11

    1. johnmoore52 Post author

      I was thinking Will would like to see the dead snake. Next one we see will take a picture. About 4 days ago I saw a dead CoyWolf on the side of the road wish I took a picture of that.



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