Bicyling Across America 2017 – Day 10

Who doesn’t like a bike ride that is shorter, less climb and a tailwind. There was a lot of smiles when people were coming in at the end of the ride today. 

Today’s ride from Ruidoso to Roswell was 97.3 miles with 3845 feet of climb with an average speed of 18mph. We have now completed 1,077 miles with 1,825 miles to go. The ride for the first 5 miles started retracing yesterday’s ride in the reversed direction with some bad hills. We headed north for the first 15 miles with a cross wind out of the west. We then turned west and had a nice tailwind for the rest of the ride. Most of the climbing was in the first half and the mountain views ended toward the end of the ride. The pavement was good for the most part and there was very little traffic. 

A Bull checking us out at the 1st Sag Stop

The Ice Cream Gang having ice cream near the end of the ride

We then took the bus to the UFO Museum


Tim from MN. gave his comments on the ride. 


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