Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 12 – Blowing into Texas

Today’s ride from Clovis, NM to Amarillo, TX was 111 miles with 1539 feet of climb.  This was the third of five easier days in a row and I averaged 21 mph a new personal best for a ride over 100 miles. The reason for the fast ride is we had 12 to 21 miles per hour tail winds for most of the ride with very little climb. It was nice. We entered into Texas at mile 8. Today’s ride was similar to yesterday’s ride since most of the ride was on Interstate. There were lots of flat tires on yesterday’s and today’s ride because we were on the shoulder of the intersate. I had two flat tires today which brings my total up to six. 

North Texas is very flat. There is a lot of cattle ranches and beef processing plants along with farming. 

At mile 86 we got off the interstate and went thru the town of Canyon. 

Dinner at the The Big Texas Steak Ranch home of the famous 72oz Steakhouse and no none of us tried for the free steak. 

Here is Brian’s from Indiana comments on today’s ride. This was his last day he was only doing half the trip. 


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