Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 14 – Moving into Oklahoma and 1/2 Done

Today’s ride from Shamrock,TX to Weatherford,OK is 105 miles with 4213 feet of climb. My average speed was a little slower again at 15.2 mph. We past the halfway point a little after crossing into Oklahoma. There was no sign at the crossing point. The original Rte. 66 pavement is about 70 feet to the left of the pavement in this picture. 

It is starting to get a little bit more hilly and greener. 

This is the first Route 66 Museum we visited at the second Sag Stop in Elk City. 

The second Museum we stopped at was at the last Sag in Clinton. 

The Ice Cream Gang stopped for ice cream 4 miles from the end of the ride at Braum’s. 

We then had dinner at Lucille’s Roadhouse. 

Jack from Colorado gave his comments on today’s ride. ​​



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