Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 16

The ride from Purcell to McAlester was 114 miles with 5,000 feet of climb. My average was up a lot to 15.2mph. This was because the headwind were less and less climb. If you look at the profile line above it still is squiggly so there were still lots of rollers today but they were not as high and further apart. 

When we got to our first Sag Stop at 30 miles it was hot. As we go east the humidity is getting higher. I was also drinking more water and sport drinks. Each time I would stop at a Sag both my bottles would almost be empty. 

After my first Sag Stop I got a flat tire. When I replaced the tube I lost some of the air from my CO2 and was only able to get the tire pressure up to about 60 psi so I decide to try to make the next Sag in 8 miles to fill the tire up to 110psi. I only made it half way before I got a pinch flat and had to use my last tube and CO2. I then rode to the Sag Stop and replenish my supplies. 

Another thing that happened to me today is I hit one of the rumble strips while going about 30mph. It caused my bike to vibrate violently and caused me to go off into the grass. I kept the bike upright and got back on the pavement a little shook up. 

We stopped at Braum’s for ice cream about a mile from the end of the ride. Susan had the scale out and I was a pound lighter than last time I weigh myself. 

Here is Brent’s comments on today’s ride. ​


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