Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 17 – Wish I had 4 more teeth

Before this ride I did not know that Oklahoma had major mountains. The Talimena Parkway in the eastern part of the state had close to 6,000 feet of climb over a 45 mile stretch. The interesting part is the grades were up to 14% which is very steep for biking. With my gearing of 28 teeth on my rear sprocket I am normally good at going up to 10% grades. The 14% was difficult and I wished I had 4 extra teeth on my rear sprocket that would have given me 32 teeth. 

Today’s ride from McAlester to the Talimena Lodge was 99 miles with 8,000 feet of climb. With all the climbing my average dropped to 12.6mph today. Today’s ride became hillier and greener.   

The sign says the max grades are 13% over the next 21 miles. 

Lunch overlooking the mountain. 

We entered into our sixth state Arkansas 

The Queen Wilhelmina Lodge was awesome with great over looks. 

Ted’s from California comments on today’s ride are as follows:



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