Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 19 – Our second day in Arkansas

Today’s ride from Arkadelphia to Monticello was 98 miles with 3100 miles of climb. You can see from the profile there were still rollers.  It will be flatter tomorrow when we hit the Mississippi River.  There was a little bit of cross and headwind today and my average speed was 15.5 mph.  It started off a little cloudy and it was chilly for most of the morning. 

Arkansas is a pretty state with pine forest lining most of our route. Most of the route was on two lane lower volume roads.  Today’s scenery was a repeat of yesterday’s. There was a lot of logging trucks and we went by a saw mill. 

Log Processing Plant

The Ice Cream Gang never misses an opportunity for Ice Cream

The Red Line Marching to the East


Here is Ean’s from Arizona comments on today’s ride 

Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi River. 


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