Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 22 – We enter into our 8th State Alabama 

Today was a long day in the saddle we got in a few minutes after 5pm. We rode for 115 miles with 6,000 feet of climb. My ride time was a little over 8 hours with an average of 13.9mph. We had headwind for most of the day between 8 to 15mph.  As you can see by the squiggly profile line there was lots of rollers. 

Today’s ride was mainly on low volume two lane roads. Most of the pavements were chip seal roads which were good but a little rough. Today was Sunday and we must have past a small church every 5 miles. The weather was awesome again with blue skies. 

Me taking a break at the last Sag sitting on a soft chair

The past few days we are starting to get chased by dogs.  So far we have yelled at the dogs and they stopped chasing us. We also found out that Stig is a pretty fast sprinter when chased by a dog he went from last to first in a few seconds. On a sadder note a dog went after one of the earlier groups and got hit by a car going in the other direction. 

The following are Bob from Washington comments on today’s ride. ​



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