Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 24 – Starting to Reflect

Today’s ride from Greenville to Eufaula, Alabama was 111 miles with 5,300 feet of climb. The ride profile today looks likes a saw blade with all the ups and downs. We had another day of east winds that we will have for the rest of our trip. The headwind varied from 10 to 15mph and my average speed was only 13.8mph. 

We got an earlier start today at 7am which helped us get in at 4 pm. Things I have noticed about today’s and the last several days ride is there are a lot of homes and business that need a lot of work. 

If those homes were back home they would have been torn down. Another thing I noticed is not many yards are fenced in and a lot of the dogs run free. Today we had a dog run along side us for over a mile. That same dog followed other bike groups today also for over a mile. The dog just wanted to be part of our pack. I wonder if the dog ever made back home. Here is a picture of the dog. 

I also noticed that there was purple wildflowers growing along the road. 

There were several places today that the trees arched over the road and we were riding in a tunnel of trees. I did not get a photo of this but had my GoPro on and should have a video of some of there areas. I hope to do a YouTube video similar to the following video I did on The Ridge of the Rockies Ride

When time allowed I started thinking of the whole trip.  It is amazing how big our country is and how it varies as we crossed it. Only three days left. 


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