Bicycling Across America 2017 – Day 25 – 9th State Georgia

Today’s ride from Eufaula to Cordele, Georgia was 116 miles with 4,300 feet of climb. Our Average was still slow at 14.2 mph because of the east head wind at 10 to 15mph.  There was a fair climb going into the Provondense Canyon State Park at mile 25 to 29. The Canyon was beautiful. 

Speaking of headwinds the last 6 days were headwinds with the next two days predicted as headwinds also. For this trip there will be 12 days with mostly headwinds, 3 days with tailwinds and 12 days with cross wind.  Going west to east one would expect the norm would be the opposite of 12 days of tailwind with 3 days of headwind.  Headwinds add an hour or two of ride time for each day.  With the 9 extra days of head winds it’s like getting an extra two days of riding for free. The other positive is the winds kept the rain away. We had 27 days of bike riding with no rain. 

Cotton Picking Machine


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