Bicycling Across America 2017 – 3 Days After – Memories

There are a lot of memories packed into a short amount of time. The memories that stand out for me are as follows:

  • The riders and staff. I will always remember.
  • Fantastic weather with only 10 minutes of rain. How did we manage to miss all the hurricanes?
  • Twelve days of headwinds.
  • Swimming in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
  • The first day ride up the mountains to the gold mining town of Julian.
  • The second day the rough pavement going into ElCentro. My butt was bruised for the rest of the trip.
  • Seeing many good riders succumb to the 107 degrees of heat coming into ElCentro.
  • The beauty of Day 5 with 3 major passes including Mingus Mountain. On one of the steep 180 degree switchback the headwind stopped me dead and I had to hold on to the guardrail so I didn’t fall over.
  • The last 40 mile ride going 30 mph with tailwind riding into Winslow Arizona with that Eagle’s song playing in my head.
  • Staying at the historic LaPosada Hotel.
  • Day 10 from Ruidoso to Roswell with tailwind on beautiful low volumes roads. One of the easiest and best days.
  • Dinner at the Big Texas Steak Ranch home of the famous 72 oz Steakhouse.
  • Riding parts of Route 66.
  • Finding out Oklahoma has 12-15% grade Ouachita Mountains. Beautiful but painful.
  • Riding over the Mississippi River bridge.
  • Many loose dogs. One even followed us for over a mile. He wanted to be part of the ice cream gang.
  • Speaking of ice cream the ice cream gang had ice cream almost everyday and I only gained one pound on the trip.
  • The ups and down of the rollers of the south.
  • The last dinner at the Pond House in Metter to have our last regular meal together and to reflex on the trip.
  • The group ride in together for the last 5 miles on Tybee Island.
  • A fantastic journey with fantastic people.

Thanks for viewing my blog. I hope to publish a YouTube video of the trip in a month.
John Moore


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