Ride the Rockies 2018 – 2 Days to go

I must not have been ready to go last night. I almost forgot to charge my bike battery and I called my post 2 days to go instead of 3 days to go. This year my wife Pam and Dog Brandy ate not going with so I am driving alone and won’t have the van to sleep in along the way, I will be tenting it. I am hoping this will be my most difficult day driving 1080 miles to get 30 miles past Denver. I want to get past Denver so I will be sleeping above elevation 6,000 to get use to elevation. They are being hard on the flat landers by biking up to elevation 11,200 feet above sea level on the first day.

Crossing The Mississippi River

After I got to DeKalb it started to rain on and off to about the Mississippi River. It was cool with a tail wind. If it wasn’t for the rain it would be good bicycling weather. While crossing Iowa I always think of the Ragbrai which will be my 20th year of doing that bicycle ride. I think of all the places and people I have met over the years. Oh yes and Iowa isn’t flat.

Around 40 miles from Denver I could start seeing the mountains.

I pulled into Idaho Springs about 30 miles past Denver just after dark and got a motel room. This was the longest day of driving alone that I have done. I drove 1080 miles in one day and and made it to elevation 7,500 and felt pretty good about it.



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