Ride the Rockies Day 3 Steamboat Loop – The 3 Bitches

Today’s ride was 49 miles with 3800 feet of climb and many are calling it a rest day even if they rode the ride. I started riding a little after 8am when the sun was starting to warm things up. It was nice not wearing all the cold weather gear. For the first 9 miles we retraced yesterday’s route in the opposite direction. Even with the slight uphill grade my speed was a little above 16 mph to the aid station at mile 20. The DJ was at the rest area and I tried to win another T Shirt with the orange toss but failed again. This time was my fault I had a bad throw.

Here is a picture of the food at the rest stop. After the rest stop we had our first major climb of the day. It was short 2 miles but had grades that varied from 5 to 9%.

The steep climbs were followed by steep and fast downhills. I limited my speed to 40 mph but heard one person said he got up to 60 mph.

The second rest stop was at mile 35 and someone said their was a steep uphill again and he was right. I saw grades on my gps that varied from 5% to 11%. I needed 4 more teeth on my rear cassette to make it up these hills.

The last 8 miles had some ups and downs but were mainly downhill back into town.

I stopped at a bike store before I made it to my rent. They carried Moots bicycles that were made in USA right in Steamboat and they had a rear cassette that had 34 teeth instead of the 28 my bike has. I just looked and smiled. I cleaned my chain after the ride and looking at going to the hot springs in town to take a dip.

I chose the hot spring over the cold river.Then Dinner.

Tomorrow will be our most difficult day to Grand Lake



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