Ride the Rockies 2018 Day 4 to Grand Lake

It was a chilly start but a hot afternoon. I love how clear the Colorado skies are. Today will probably be the most difficult day with 95 miles and 6,000 feet of climb. I started riding at 6:30am and was planning on having breakfast at the first aid station at mile 13 most of the way up rabbit ear pass. The aid station was moved 2 miles further up the mountain to the first summit. I was running on empty when I reached the aid station. The pancakes tasted good. the second summit was at the Continental divide.

Riding thru the canyon was beautiful

The steep short climb before the last aid stop took a lot out of me. I forgot to eat lunch and was on empty for the last 10 miles . When I got in I had a stuff potato and later in the evening I had spaghetti with meatballs.

this was the worse camping stop so far but only one night.

I went into Grand Lake to watch the concert with some snow showing on the mountain in the background. This was a nice venue for the music and dinner.

Tomorrow should be an easier day to Winter Park.


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