Ride the Rockies Day 5 to Winter Park

Today’s route was a rerun of yesterday’s route except in the opposite direction for the first 14 miles back to Granby. The total distance to Winter Park was about 31 miles and 1,800 feet of climb. Except for the scenery it is like my normally training ride but with double the climb. I left at 8am and it was almost 60 degrees which was very nice. Sixty degrees is a lot better than forty degrees for biking. My ride time was a little over two hours.

The first half of the ride was at a slight downhill to the aid station shown above. The second half of the ride was at a slight uphill. We turned off of Route 40 onto C.R.5 which was a very nice low volume road.

I got into Winter Park around 10:30 and set my tent up at the school.

I decided to bike up to Berthoud Pass which was an option for today. Most people looked like they were taking a pass on the Pass. There were a few dark clouds and it looked like it might rain. I started riding up Berthoud Pass but decided to turn around after the first 10 miles of the 15 mile climb. I got a flavor of the mountain and did two of the switch back.

I stopped off for some ice cream on the ride. After my shower I went to the music venue which was very nice.

I had a pork belly to eat at the concert as well as a second ice cream cone.

Tomorrow will be a long day to get to our cars in Breckinridge. It is hard to believe this 6 day Tour is almost over.


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